17 increment rather than count toward the baseline concentration All projected emissions

18 associated with a major stationary source on which construction began before the major source

19 baseline date are included in the baseline concentration, even if the source had not begin

20 operation by that date. In the 2010 Final Rule, the EPA established a “major source baseline

21 date” of October 20, 2010, for determining when such major source emissions associated with

22 PM2.5 should count toward the consumption of the PM2.5 increments.

23 As a result of the differences noted above, the modeling inventories required for the

Public Review Draft 03/04/2013


PM2.5 NAAQS compliance demonstrations will generally not be appropriate 1 or applicable for the

2 PM2.5 increment analysis. However, this does not preclude the PSD applicant from electing to

3 model the permitted allowable emission increases for increment-consuming background sources

4 where such emissions data are more readily accessible, as part of a conservative assessment for

5 showing compliance with the increment. Also, as noted above, the reviewing authority may

6 presume that source-specific allowable emissions for a unit are equivalent to the actual emissions

7 of the unit in some cases. Furthermore, since the increment analysis is based on an assessment

8 of impacts from actual emissions, rather than maximum allowable emissions, it may be feasible

9 in some cases to rely on ambient data to account for background sources in relation to increment10

consumption (or expansion), especially in relation to increment consumption/expansion due to

11 secondary PM2.5 impacts associated with precursor emissions, provided that representative

12 ambient data are available that adequately account for changes in ambient PM2.5 concentrations

13 relative to the baseline concentration. Although ambient data have not traditionally been used to

14 account for increment consumption/expansion associated with background sources, we believe


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