permit application submitted on or after that date in a given baseline 1 area “triggers” the

2 requirement for individual PSD applicants seeking to locate in that area to demonstrate that the

3 PM2.5 increments are not being violated. The date of the submittal of such PSD application is

4 referred to as the “minor source baseline date” for the affected baseline area. The ambient

5 concentration level on the minor source baseline date is referred to as the “baseline

6 concentration,” which is the starting point for PM2.5 increment considerations and the air quality

7 against which increment consumption is assessed. After the minor source baseline date, any

8 increase in actual emissions (from both major and minor sources) consumes the PSD increment

9 for that area. Likewise, any decrease in actual emissions relative to the baseline date may expand

10 the available PSD increment. PM2.5 emissions changes at minor sources and existing major

11 sources occurring before the applicable PM2.5 minor source baseline date generally do not

12 consume increment, but are considered to contribute to the PM2.5 air quality that exists on the

13 minor source baseline date for the area of concern. However, the statutory definition of

14 “baseline concentration” provides that actual emissions increases, as defined in Sections

15 52.21(b)(21) and 51.166(b)(21), associated with new or modified major stationary sources on

16 which construction began after a “major source baseline date” must be considered to consume


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