8 of other elements of the court decision, the EPA advises a permitting authorities to consult with

9 the EPA before using the SIL value for PM2.5 in section 51.165(b)(2) as the basis for concluding

10 that a source with an impact below this value does not significantly contribute to a modeled

11 violation.

12 The significant contribution determination should be made following the same

13 procedures used during the initial significant impact analysis, based on a comparison of the

14 average of the modeled concentrations at the receptor location showing the violation, across 5

15 years for representative NWS meteorological data and the modeled concentration for 1 year, or

16 multiyear average of 2 up to 5 complete years, of site-specific meteorological data. For a

17 violation of the annual NAAQS, the average of the predicted annual values at the affected

18 receptor(s) is compared to the applicable SIL, while the average of the 24-hour average

19 concentrations at the affected receptor(s) should be used for the 24-hour NAAQS. Use of the

20 average modeled concentration is appropriate in this context since it is consistent with the actual


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