the 3-dimensional gridded model output would miss some 1 of the source’s contribution to air

2 quality. In practice, it is likely that some type of source apportionment would be necessary to

3 track the grid-resolved source contribution in addition to sub-grid plume treatment in order to

4 fully capture source contribution.

5 For this guidance, the EPA is not prescribing in detail how photochemical grid models

6 (or their instrumented extensions) should be applied for the purposes of conducting a NAAQS

7 compliance demonstration since these details may involve case-specific factors that would need

8 to be part of the consultative process with the appropriate permit reviewing authority and

9 reflected in the agreed-upon modeling protocol. With this in mind, we recommend that the

10 modeling protocols for this purpose should include the follow elements:

1. Overview of Modeling/Analysis Project

12 Participating organizations

13 Schedule for completion of the project

14 Description of the conceptual model for the project source/receptor area

15 Identify how modeling and other analyses will be archived and documented

16 Identify specific deliverables to the appropriate permit reviewing authority


18 2. Model and Modeling Inputs

19 Rationale for the selection of air quality, meteorological, and emissions models

20 Modeling domain

21 Horizontal and vertical resolution

22 Specification of initial and boundary conditions

23 Episode selection and rationale for episode selection

24 Rationale for and description of meteorological model setup

25 Basis for and development of emissions inputs

26 Methods used to quality assure emissions, meteorological, and other model inputs


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