contained within this qualitative assessment provide a template that could be followed, with

14 appropriate modifications, in the development of other case-specific qualitative assessments. An

15 excerpt from this response to public comments document is provided in Appendix C.

16 As shown in the EPA Region 10 example, the qualitative assessment of the potential for

17 secondary PM2.5 formation by the Shell’s Discoverer drill ship and support fleet was developed

18 in a narrative manner integrating numerous factors specific to the North Slope region of Alaska

19 that provided sufficient evidence that the PM2.5 NAAQS would not be violated in this particular

20 case. The qualitative assessment examined the regional background PM2.5 monitoring data and

21 aspects of secondary PM2.5 formation from existing sources; the relative ratio of the combined

22 modeled primary PM2.5 impacts and background PM2.5 concentrations to the level of the

23 NAAQS; the spatial and temporal correlation of the primary and secondary PM2.5 impacts;


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