additional or alternative approaches must be used to provide an assessment 1 of the secondary

2 PM2.5 impact from the proposed new or modifying source, as discussed in more detail in the

3 following sections.


5 III.2 Assessing Secondary PM2.5 Impacts

6 This section provides more detail on the recommended approaches for assessing the

7 impacts of precursor emission on secondary PM2.5 formation for Cases 3 and 4 including:

8 a qualitative assessment;

9 a hybrid of qualitative and quantitative assessments utilizing existing technical work; and

10 a full quantitative photochemical grid modeling exercise.


12 III.

12 III.2.1 Qualitative Assessments

13 In a number of NAAQS compliance demonstrations requiring an assessment of the

14 impact from secondary PM2.5 formation, it is anticipated that a holistic qualitative analysis of the

15 new or modifying emissions source and the atmospheric environment in which the emissions

16 source is to be located will suffice for determining that secondary PM2.5 impacts associated with

17 the source’s precursor emissions will not cause or contribute to a violation of the 24-hour or

18 annual PM2.5 NAAQS. Each compliance demonstration will be unique and may require multiple

19 factors to be considered and assumptions to be thoroughly justified as a part of the qualitative

20 assessment. A well-developed modeling protocol that includes a detailed conceptual description

21 of the background air pollution concentrations (see Appendix A for examples of relevant data)

22 and of the nature of the emissions sources surrounding the new or modifying emissions source is

23 paramount for determining the necessary components of an acceptable qualitative assessment of


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