Details regarding the significant impact analysis and cumulative impact analysis

20 associated with Cases 2, 3, and 4, where project emissions exceed the respective SER for direct

21 PM2.5 emissions only (Case 2), both direct PM2.5 and precursor emissions of NOx and/or SO2

22 (Case 3), or precursor emissions of NOx and/or SO2 only (Case 4), are provided in Sections III

23 and IV.

III. 1 Significant Impact Analysis

2 This section provides details regarding recommended approaches for conducting the

3 significant impact analysis associated with each of the assessment cases shown in Table III-1 so

4 long as the applicable SIL has been appropriately justified for use in each compliance

5 demonstration as described in Section II.2. A modeled compliance demonstration is not required

6 for Case 1 since neither the direct PM2.5 emissions nor the NOx or SO2 precursor emissions

7 exceed the respective SERs. However, each of the remaining three cases would include a

8 significant impact analysis, with the simplest being Case 2 where only direct PM2.5 emissions are

9 greater than the SER. In this case, the applicant would only need to demonstrate that ambient

10 PM2.5 levels associated with the increase in direct PM2.5 emissions are below the applicable SIL

11 based on dispersion modeling using AERMOD or other appropriate preferred model listed in

12 Appendix A of Appendix W, or an alternative model subject to the provisions of Section 3.2 of

13 Appendix W.


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