comparable to assessments conducted for other criteria pollutants, while other aspects will differ

15 due to the issues identified earlier.


17 II.4 Assessment Cases

18 To support the process shown in Figure II-1, the EPA is proposing four different

19 “assessment” cases shown in Table II-1 that define what air quality analyses, if any, an applicant

20 would conduct to demonstrate compliance with the PM2.5 NAAQS (annual and 24-hour).


The four assessment cases presented in Table II-1 include:

6 For “Case 1—No Air Quality Analysis,” if direct PM2.5 emissions are less than

7 the SER of 10 tpy and both NOx and SO2 emissions are individually less than the

8 SER of 40 tpy, then no compliance demonstration is required.

9 For “Case 2—Primary Air Quality Impacts Only,” if the direct PM2.5 emissions

10 are greater than the SER of 10 tpy and both NOx and SO2 emissions are

11 individually less than the SER of 40 tpy, then a PM2.5 compliance demonstration

12 is required for only the direct PM2.5 emissions based on dispersion modeling and

13 no account for impacts of precursor emissions from the project source is

14 necessary.

15 For “Case 3—Primary and Secondary Air Quality Impacts,” if the direct PM2.5

16 emissions are greater than the SER of 10 tpy and either NOx or SO2 precursor

17 emissions are greater than their respective SERs of 40 tpy, then a PM2.5


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