If the preconstruction monitoring data shows that the difference 1 between the PM2.5 NAAQS and

2 the measured PM2.5 background concentrations in the area is greater than the applicable SIL

3 value from the vacated Sections 51.166(k)(2) and 52.21(k)(2), then the EPA believes it would be

4 sufficient in most cases for permitting authorities to conclude that a source with an impact below

5 that SIL value will not cause or contribute to a violation of the NAAQS and to forego a

6 cumulative modeling analysis for PM2.5.


8 II.3 Cumulative Impact Analysis

9 A cumulative impact analysis accounts for the combined impacts of direct and precursors

10 emissions from the new or modifying source, direct emissions from other nearby sources, and

11 representative background levels of PM2.5 within the modeling domain. The cumulative impacts

12 are then compared to the NAAQS to determine whether the source will cause or contribute to a

13 violation of the NAAQS. Several aspects of the cumulative impact assessment for PM2.5 will be


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