demonstrate that a source will not cause or contribute 1 to violation of the NAAQS. These

2 safeguards involve two related considerations – the particular values of the SILs to be used and

3 how those values are used.

4 Permitting authorities have the discretion to select the particular PM2.5 SIL values that are

5 used to support a permitting decision, but the values used should be supported by either a

6 permitting record or regulation that supports the use of those values in the particular manner they

7 are used.9 The EPA advises against relying on the values contained in the vacated Sections

8 51.166(k)(2) and 52.21(k)(2) of the EPA’s regulations as a screening tool without providing

9 additional justification in the permitting record. However, with additional justification, it may

10 be permissible in some cases for a permitting authority to use the same PM2.5 SIL values as listed

11 in the vacated Sections 51.166(k)(2) and 52.21(k)(2) to demonstrate that a full cumulative

12 impacts analysis is not needed.


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