will not cause or contribute to a violation of any NAAQS 1 or increment. When a proposed

2 source’s modeled impacts are found to be greater than the level of the applicable SIL, the EPA

3 has called for a cumulative impact analysis (considering the combined impact of the proposed

4 source and other sources in the affected area) to demonstrate that the proposed source will not

5 cause or contribute to a violation of the NAAQS. The EPA has observed that if the source’s

6 modeled impacts are found to be below the level of the SIL for the relevant pollutant, this

7 showing may be sufficient to demonstrate that the source will not cause or contribute to a

8 modeled violation of the NAAQS. (72 FR 54112 at 54139 and 75 FR 64864 at 64890).

9 However, the EPA has also recognized that there can be circumstances where a showing that the

10 air quality impact of a proposed source is less than the SIL is not sufficient by itself to

11 demonstrate that a source will not cause or contribute to a violation of the NAAQS or increment.

12 When the EPA promulgated SILs for PM2.5 in 2010, the Agency observed that “the use of

13 a SIL may not be appropriate when a substantial portion of any NAAQS or increment is known

14 to be consumed.” (75 FR 64894). The EPA also said that “notwithstanding the existence of a

15 SIL, permitting authorities should determine when it may be appropriate to conclude that even a


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