16 are published as regulations or guidelines; 2) the procedures are formally transmitted as guidance

17 to the Air Directors in the EPA Regional Offices; 3) the procedures are formally transmitted as

18 guidance to Regional Office Modeling Contacts as a result of a regional consensus on technical

19 issues; or 4) the procedures are relied upon in decisions by the EPA’s Model Clearinghouse that

20 effectively establish national precedent. The Model Clearinghouse is the EPA focal point for the

21 review of regulatory criteria pollutant modeling and other NAAQS compliance demonstration

22 techniques. Model Clearinghouse memoranda involving decisions with respect to interpretation

23 of modeling guidance for specific applications, as well as clarification memoranda addressing

needs to clarify guidance more generally, are available at the 1 Support Center for Regulatory

2 Atmospheric Modeling (SCRAM) website at: http://www.epa.gov/ttn/scram.

3 The guidance presented in this document is intended to provide recommendations on how

4 best to conduct a PM2.5 NAAQS and increment compliance demonstration under the PSD

5 program following the steps shown in Figure II-1. The guidance is applicable to those new or

6 modifying sources locating or located in an area classified as attainment or unclassifiable for

7 PM2.5. The aspects of each progressive step or block within the Attainment or Unclassified Area

8 portion of Figure II-1 are described in more detail in Sections II.1, II.2, and II.3.

9 The EPA has historically allowed the use of screening tools to help facilitate the

10 implementation of the PSD program and streamline the permitting process in circumstances

11 where proposed construction is projected to have an insignificant (or de minimis) impact on air

12 quality. These screening tools have included SERs, SILs, and significant monitoring

13 concentrations (SMCs). The EPA established a SER for PM2.5 in a 2008 rule and promulgated

14 SILs and an SMC for PM2.5 in 2010. (73 FR 28321 and 75 FR 64864).


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