4 that account for contributions from secondary PM2.5. It is draft guidance for public review and

5 comment and is not yet considered final EPA guidance. Since each permitting action will be

6 considered on a case-by-case basis, this document does not limit or restrict any particular

7 approach applicants and permitting authorities may take to conduct the required compliance

8 demonstrations. The draft guidance does not impose binding, enforceable requirements. This

9 document does not substitute for statutory provisions or regulations, nor is it a regulation itself.

10 Thus, this draft guidance document does not represent final agency action and cannot be relied

11 upon to create any rights or obligations enforceable by any party.

1 Acknowledgements

2 We would like to acknowledge contributions from members of the National Association

3 of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) PM2.5 Modeling Implementation Workgroup (NACAA

4 Workgroup) in providing a detailed set of recommendations (NACAA, 2011) to the EPA with

5 regards to PM2.5 permit compliance demonstration modeling. This NACAA Workgroup was

6 comprised of state and local air permitting agency dispersion modelers, permit engineers, and

7 technical staff from throughout the country. In particular, we recognize Jim Hodina (Linn

8 County Public Health), Bob Hodanbosi (Ohio EPA, Division of Air Quality), and Clint Bowman

9 (Washington Department of Ecology) for their exemplary roles as Chairpersons for the

10 Emissions Inventories, Secondary Formation from Project Source, and Representative

11 Background Concentrations Sub-workgroups, respectively.


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