significant impact levels (SIL) are introduced and then presented in the context of a

Public Review Draft 03/04/2013


significant impact analysis and a cumulative impact analysis. 1 The ramification of the

2 January 22, 2013, decision from U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

3 Circuit on the use of SILs in a significant impact analysis or otherwise is included for

4 reference and consideration throughout the remaining sections. Four “Assessment

5 Cases” (Table ES-1) are then introduced with respect to assessing the primary and

6 secondary PM2.5 impacts through either the significant impact analysis or the

7 cumulative impact analysis.

8 III. Significant Impact Analysis – A detailed discussion of the assessment of primary

9 and secondary PM2.5 impacts, with respect to the applicable SIL, from a new or

10 modifying source. The specifics of the four “Assessment Cases” (Table ES-1) are

11 presented along with appropriate approaches for assessing the primary and secondary

12 impacts of PM2.5. For assessing the primary PM2.5 impacts from the direct PM2.5

13 emissions from the new or modifying source, the typical use of an appropriate

14 preferred dispersion model for near-field PM2.5 modeling listed in Appendix W,

15 currently AERMOD for most applications or an approved alternative model is

16 recommended. For assessing the secondary PM2.5 impacts from the precursor

17 emissions from the new or modifying source, three different approaches are

18 described. These approaches are 1) a qualitative assessment, 2) a hybrid

19 qualitative/quantitative assessment utilizing existing technical work, and 3) a full

20 quantitative photochemical grid modeling exercise.

21 IV. Cumulative Impact Analysis: Following the discussion and concepts presented

22 in Section III, a detailed discussion of the assessment of primary and secondary PM2.5

23 impacts,


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