After finding the file, click the OK button. BenMAP will then ask you to provide a name for the

file you want to create. BenMAP will then save the file as a text file that can be easily viewed in a

variety of programs, including WordPad. An example is as follows:

The first two columns specify the Column and Row variables for each grid cell. In the example

above, you will see that Column = 110 and Row = 60 are repeated seven times, indicating that

seven different monitors were used to estimate air quality at this grid cell. The third column gives

the monitor identifier. The fourth column the weight used in the air quality calculation (e.g.,

Voronoi Neighbor Averaging). And the fifth column gives the distance (in kilometers) from the

monitor to the center of the grid cell.

Note that if an air quality grid was created using the Closest Monitor option, then only a single

monitor is used for any given grid cell. As a result the resulting neighbor file only has three

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BenMAP User's Manual 271 October 2012

columns, the Column and Row identifier and the monitor used.


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