Note that the files may well be quite large, with more lines than can be completely read by a

program like Excel, which can read only the first 65,000, or so, lines of data. With large files,

you might want to use a database program like SAS. Alternatively, these files can also be read

by simple text editors, which do not have the 65,000 line limitation of Excel.

10.4 Neighbor File Creator

The Neighbor File Creator tool generates a file that specifies the monitors used to estimate air

quality in each grid cell of a Monitor Direct, Monitor and Model Relative, or Monitor Rollback

air quality grid.

To start, choose Neighbor File Creator from the Tools drop-down menu. This will bring up

Tools Menu

BenMAP User's Manual 270 October 2012

the Create Neighbor File window. Click on the Browse button, and find the air quality you want

to analyze.


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