Click OK after you have selected your file. This will bring up the Reports window. Use the

Save in drop-down menu to choose the director where you want to save your file. And in the

File name box, type in the name of the file.

To help keep track of what you are doing, you might want to name the file the same thing as your

air quality grid, or something very similar. (If you name it the same as your air quality grid, you

can always distinguish the two files with the extension. An air quality grid has a *.aqg extension

and the file you are generating here has a *.csv extension.)

When done click the Save button. You can view the files you have created with any database

viewer. For each Metric and Seasonal Metric, you can see the actual values. In addition, you

can see the Statistics calculated for each. In the example below for a county-level PM2.5 air

Tools Menu

BenMAP User's Manual 269 October 2012

quality grid, you can see in the first county (Column = 1, Row = 1) that the Mean of the

D24HourMean metric is 17.24, with a Median of 15.1, a Maximum of 52.1, a Minimum of

0.4, and finally the Sum of the D24HourMean values is 6292.


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