In this example, BenMAP will renumber the eastern domain so that it follows the numbering in the

western domain. There will be 335 columns and 380 rows numbered consecutively.

When you have completed filling in the options, then click the Go! button. BenMAP will begin

processing the files. When the processing is complete, the Specify an Output File window will

appear. Provide a name for the file in the File Name box. Note that BenMAP automatically

uses a *.model extension for this type of file.

After the file is saved, BenMAP brings you back to the Model File Concatenator window. You

can reuse the tool by choosing a new set of western and eastern domain model files and making

the other appropriate selections. When you are done using this tool, you can just click the Done


10.3 Export Air Quality Grid

The Export Air Quality Grid tool generates a data file (*.csv) with all of the data in an air

quality grid. After choosing Export Air Quality Grid from the Tools drop-down menu, the

Export Air Quality Grid window will appear. Click the Browse button to choose the air

quality grid that you want to examine.


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