The Input Files options are Row/Column and Column/Row. The choice depends on how the

data files are formatted. Below is an example of what a typical datafile looks like. In this

example, the first column specifies the Row and the second column specified the Column. (In

other cases, this might be reversed.)

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BenMAP User's Manual 265 October 2012

The Column Delimiter options are White Space and Comma. In the example above, White

Space is the correct choice.

The BenMAP health impact functions for ozone generally assume that the data is in parts per

billion (ppb). If your model data happens to be in parts per million (ppm) then check the box

Convert model values from parts per million to parts per billion.

Click on the Select Western Domain Files button and choose the files that you want to load.

Note that each file represents a different day of modeling, and there can be any number of days.

After selecting the files for the western domain, then specify the number of Columns and Rows

in each file by filling in the Lower Bound and Upper Bound boxes. For example, if the file has

122 columns and 188 rows in the western domain, and 213 columns and 192 rows in the eastern

domain, then boxes would be filled out as follows:



n401 - n402 - n403 - n404 - n405 - n406 - n407 - n408 - n409 - n410 - n411 - n412 - n413 - n414 - n415 - n416 - n417 - n418 - n419 - n420 - n421 - n422 - n423 - n424 - n425 - n426 - n427 - n428 - n429 - n430 - n431 - n432 - n433 - n434 - n435 - n436 - n437 - n438 - n439 - n440 - n441 - n442 - n443 - n444 - n445 - n446 - n447 - n448 - n449 - n450

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