The scale in the left panel is set to the same values, so you can compare the two maps more

easily. One key thing to note is that there is more variation in the county-level file. For example,

in California the county-level file has colors ranging from yellow to dark red, while in the statelevel

file, California is a solid orange color. This pattern is expected, because BenMAP is just

taking a simple spatially-weighted average of the data.

10.2 Model File Concatenator

The Model File Concatenator is a specialized tool that allows you to combine air quality

modeling data text files and produce a smaller, more efficient, binary file. For example, ozone

modeling files often are generated one day at a time and split between eastern and western

modeling domains, so the input modeling files to BenMAP might consist of dozens of files. The

Model File Concatenator combines these files into a single file that can then be easily used in


You can use this tool if you have data for both a western and eastern domain. In case you want

to use this tool for a single modeling domain, then just fill in the options for the western domain,

and ignore the eastern domain.

To start, choose Model File Concatenator from the Tools drop-down menu, the Model File

Concatenator window will appear. There are a number of options that need to be specified.

We describe each below.


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