10.1 Air Quality Grid Aggregator

Using the Air Quality Grid Aggregator you can change an air quality grid based on one grid

definition to another grid definition, using a simple spatially-weighted average approach.

To start, choose Air Quality Grid Aggregator from the Tools drop-down menu. This will bring

up the Air Quality Grid Aggregator window. Click the Browse button to find the air quality

grid that you want to change and then use the drop-down menu in the Aggregation Grid panel to

identify the new grid definition that you want to use. (For example, you might want to aggregate a

county-level air quality gird to state-level.) Click OK when done.

This will bring up the Save Aggregated Air Quality Grid window, where you specify the name of

Tools Menu

BenMAP User's Manual 262 October 2012

the file you are creating and its location. After the file is created, BenMAP will take you back to

the main BenMAP screen. You can then use the new file just as you would any other air quality


Below is an example of going from a county-level PM2.5 air quality grid to a state-level PM2.5 air

quality grid. The county-level file looks as follows:


n401 - n402 - n403 - n404 - n405 - n406 - n407 - n408 - n409 - n410 - n411 - n412 - n413 - n414 - n415 - n416 - n417 - n418 - n419 - n420 - n421 - n422 - n423 - n424 - n425 - n426 - n427 - n428 - n429 - n430 - n431 - n432 - n433 - n434 - n435 - n436 - n437 - n438 - n439 - n440 - n441 - n442 - n443 - n444 - n445 - n446 - n447 - n448 - n449 - n450

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