The Tools menu, available on the main BenMAP screen, provides access to a number of

specialized applications. We list them below and give a brief description. Note that other

sections of the manual have already covered several of them, such as GIS/Mapping, so we

merely list them here and point you to the appropriate section.

Air Quality Grid Aggregator. You can change an air quality grid based on one grid definition

to another grid definition, using a simple spatially-weighted average approach. This option is

described below.

Model File Concatenator. This is a highly specialized option that allows you to combine air

quality modeling data text files and produce a smaller, more efficient, binary file. This option is

described below.

Database Export. Export entire databases (all Setups), individual Setups, and parts of individual

Setups (e.g. all GridDefinitions, or individual health impact Function DataSets). This functionality

can be used to share your data with other users, as well as to allow you to move databases

between computers. This is described in the Export Setups section of the Loading Data chapter.

Database Import. Import entire Setups or parts of individual Setups. This option is described

in the Import Setups section of the Loading Data chapter.

Export Air Quality Grid. Generate a data file with all of the data in an air quality grid. This

option is described below.

GIS/Mapping. Map various types of files and data associated with an analysis, including air

quality grid files, monitor data, population data, and valuation results. See the GIS/Mapping

chapter for details.

Modify Setup. BenMAP encapsulates in a single dataset, called a "Setup," all of the data

needed to run analyses for a particular geographic area. Using the Modify Setup option, you add

to, modify, and delete setups. See the Loading Data chapter for details.

Neighbor File Creator. Identify the monitors and weights used in the interpolation process

when creating air quality grids. This option is described below.

One-Step Setup. Allows you to set the CFG and APV files, as well as currency year, for the

One-Step analysis. This option is described below.


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