Why is my map all grey or all black?

You may need to select a variable or uncheck the grid outlines checkbox. You can do this by

double-clicking on the layer name.

How do I clear a query?

When using a query, you limit the areas that get displayed. That is, after using a query, some

areas will be white and other areas will have colors that you have specified. If you want to be

able to display all areas simply run a query that includes all areas. For example, if you run a

query such as choose all areas with population greater than or equal to zero, then you will get a

complete set of results.

What are the units?

The units that get displayed depend on the particular map that you are creating. For example, if

you are mapping PM2.5 levels, then the units will be in micrograms per meter cubed. If you are

mapping ozone, the units will be in parts per billion. If you are mapping mortality or some other

type of health effect, then the units will be numbers of cases. If you are mapping valuation

results, then the results will be in dollars.

How do I change which layer is on top?

When mapping multiple layers, the top-most layer is the active layer. To change the position of a

layer, simply right-click on it, and you can move it up or down. This is discussed in the section

Mapping Multiple Layers of Data.


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