All of the mapped values have the same color. How do I avoid this?

This can happen when the values are extremely small and you have not specified a sufficient

number of decimal points. Go to the Display Options window, and change the Decimal Points.

This can also happen when one of the grid cells is an outlier, with either a very low or very

small value. You can go to the Display Options window, and change either the Min Value or

the Max Value. Finally, this can happen if you have mapped national data. In this instance, you

should expect all areas to have the same color, since there is only a single national number for

display, such as when mapping national results, or mapping incidence rates that do not vary by

region (e.g., MRAD incidence rate).


BenMAP User's Manual 258 October 2012

Can I map air quality for individual days?

No. BenMAP only maps annual averages. In the case of hourly metrics, such as the one-hour

daily maximum for ozone, BenMAP will map the average of the metric for the available days.

Can I print maps in BenMAP?

No. BenMAP does not currently allow printing directly from the program. However, you can

export shapefiles, and then read these shapefiles into a program that does support printing, such

as ArcView.



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