In this example, BenMAP will produce a map with both the inputs, as well as the baseline and

control grids. (The baseline grid gets created because we checked the box for Make Baseline

Grid (in addition to Control Grid). Click on the Map button. This will bring up the BenMAP

GIS window.

As before, you may use the various display options to generate the map that you desire. Recall

that the topmost layer lies on top of the other mapped layers. To change the ordering of the

layers, simply right-click on the layer that you want to move (up or down).

9.4 Questions Regarding Mapping

Why is the Open a File menu button disabled?

This happened because you did not use the Tools button and choose Mapping / GIS. When

viewing maps while generating air quality grids, filtering monitor data, and other activities within

BenMAP you do not have access to other types of maps. This is to avoid too many competing



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