BenMAP will then generate the grid, generate a map with both the monitors and the monitor data

interpolated to the grid cells. You can then use the display options to generate the map you


9.3.3 Mapping Air Quality Monitors from the Advanced Monitor Filter

You can access mapping through the advanced monitor filter when generating air quality grids.

Click on the Create Air Quality Grids button and choose either Monitor Direct, Monitor and

Model Relative, or Monitor Rollback. On the Settings page, click on the Advanced button,

which brings up the Advanced Options page.

Then click on the Custom Monitor Filtering button, which will bring up the Filter Monitors


Choose your filtering options and click Go! Then click the Map button. An initial map appears


BenMAP User's Manual 254 October 2012

with each monitor location identified by a red square. To immediately provide some context, you

may want to choose, say, the States reference layer.



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