9.3 Viewing Maps in a BenMAP Analysis

In addition to the Tools menu, BenMAP provides several places where you can map the input

data that you are using for a particular analysis. We provide examples of these mapping options


Air Quality Deltas. When creating your Configuration (*.cfg file), you can map the baseline

minus the control scenario to get a sense of where the major impacts are occurring in your


Air Quality Grids. When creating an air quality grid (*.aqg file), you can map what the air

quality grid will look like. And in the case of air quality grids based on monitor data, you can

map the monitors as well.

Air Quality Monitors from the Advanced Monitor Filter. When filtering monitors, you can

map the monitors to see the impact of the filtering.

Monitor Rollback Inputs & Outputs. When creating a monitor rollback air quality grid (*.aqg

file), you can map both the baseline and control air quality grids and the monitor data used.


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