To add context to the map (because the Grid Outline is unchecked), you will likely want to use a

Reference Layer from the drop-down list.

9.2.7 Mapping Multiple Layers of Data

It is possible to map multiple layers simultaneously. The layer that you have opened most

recently appears on the top of the list, and in the map its values lie on top of the other layers. By


BenMAP User's Manual 247 October 2012

right-clicking on any given layer, you can move its position within the list (select Move Up or

Move Down). For example in the following screenshot, we move the Control Grid layer to the

top by right-clicking on the Control Grid layer and choose Move Up (or you can right-click on

the Delta layer and choose Move Down).

By checking the box to the left of the layer name, you can turn a layer’s visibility off and on. For

instance, if you want to see the second layer in the list, simply un-check the box next to the first

layer in the list. The second layer will then be on top and be visible, as in the example below.


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