If you map data from the BenMAP library, you need to specify the Monitor DataSet and the

Monitor Library Year. In addition, you can change the default monitor filter options.

Generally speaking, this is not necessary. However, if desired, click the Advanced button. This

will bring up Filter Monitors window, where you can make whatever adjustments are deemed

necessary to the default options. (Note that the filtering is hardcoded into BenMAP, so whatever

filter options you choose will not persist to any future mapping or use of monitor data.)

In this map, each red square is a monitor location. To see the monitor values displayed with

colors varying by the level of the monitor, double-click on the layer on the left side of the map,

and follow the steps outlined above for setting the display options. Values shown using the

Monitors mapping option are annual average values (μg/m3 for PM and ppb for ozone).


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