Running the query again on this hypothetical, we might to focus on just those areas with at least

200 deaths. The exact type of map that you want generate will of course depend on your

particular set of results and analytical goals. The point is that mapping capabilities in BenMAP

can provide some interesting, easy-to-use options.


BenMAP User's Manual 240 October 2012

9.2.4 Modeling Data

You can map any modeling data that you planning to use to create an air quality grid (*.aqg file),

as long as you have a grid definition and a pollutant definition that matches your data. Choose

Modeling Data from the Open a file drop-down menu on the BenMAP GIS window. This

will bring up the Select Model Data to Map window. Click the Browse button to find the file

you want to map, and then choose the appropriate Grid Type and Pollutant from the dropdown



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