After choosing the rest of your display options, you can then view your map. Note that it is fairly

common for maps of Configuration Results to be dominated by a few regions, such as southern

California, with many other parts of the country indistinguishable from each other.

By changing the Max Value, End Color, and Default Color, as follows, you can develop a

map that provides more information regarding impacts in other parts of the country, aside from

those with the largest impacts.

In this example, the areas with the largest impacts appear in bright red (i.e., southern California,

Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, and a handful of other locations). The areas with the next largest

impacts appear in dark green.

You might also use the Create a Query button to focus on your results of interest. For

example, if wanted to focus on those areas (in this instance counties) with at least one hundred

deaths as calculated with our "Laden" function, then we would first click the Create a Query


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