Note that if you used more than one pooling window (described in Aggregation, Pooling, and

Valuation chapter), then BenMAP will create one layer for each pooling window. Also, note that

the "aggregated" results are aggregated to the level specified in the APVR file. If results were

aggregated to the national level, the US map will only show one color.

For each of the three valuation options (Valuation, Aggregated Valuation, and Pooled

Valuation) and for each of the three QALY options (QALY, Aggregated QALY, and Pooled

QALY), a second window appears that allows you to specify variables that you want to add

together. (If you have selected Incidence, Pooled Incidence, or Aggregated Incidence,

BenMAP will go directly to loading the new layer.)

Click on the Add Sum button. Then in the far-right column, Include in Total, check the

variables that you want to include in the total. In the lower-left corner, give a name (no longer

than 10 characters) for the total in the Valuation Sum Identifier, and then choose whether to

use a Dependent or Independent sum. If you choose the latter, then you also need to choose

the number of Monte Carlo draws. To finish, click OK. You may repeat this step as many times

as desired.



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