Layer Statistics. Provides information about the active layer. In the Fields section

simply choose the variable of interest, and BenMAP will display statistics and

sample values for that variable.

to Albers Equal Area Conic.

9.2 Mapping from the Tools Menu

To access the main mapping capabilities within BenMAP, go to the Tools drop-down menu, and

choose the GIS/Mapping option. A blank window will appear, with buttons at the top for


BenMAP User's Manual 229 October 2012

managing files and navigating the map. To see the name of each button, simply hold the cursor

over it.

Use the Open a file button in the top-left corner to choose the file (or other type of data) that

you want to view. All of the options are straightforward, though some require a few more steps

than others. Below we give some step-by-step examples. See Table 9-1 for a brief description

of each type.

n401 - n402 - n403 - n404 - n405 - n406 - n407 - n408 - n409 - n410 - n411 - n412 - n413 - n414 - n415 - n416 - n417 - n418 - n419 - n420 - n421 - n422 - n423 - n424 - n425 - n426 - n427 - n428 - n429 - n430 - n431 - n432 - n433 - n434 - n435 - n436 - n437 - n438 - n439 - n440 - n441 - n442 - n443 - n444 - n445 - n446 - n447 - n448 - n449 - n450

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