Increase zoom. Allows you to zoom in.

Decrease zoom. Allows you to zoom out.

Select a region for zooming. Allows you to select a region to view.

Drag mode. Allows you to manually move the map by clicking and dragging.

Click to display info for the cell under the mouse. Allows you to display

information (all the variable values) for individual cells or points by clicking on them.

Build Query. Allows you to view grid-cells that satisfy certain criteria. Hitting the

Execute button will produce a map of the cells that meet the criteria that you have

specified. Below is an example of how you might use this function.



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deutsch: DIS CUS  DES  RAD

castellano: DIS CUS DES  RAD   english: DIS CUS DES RAD  


 português: DIS CUS DES RAD   italiano:   DIS CUS  DES RAD


français:  DIS CUS DES RAD