Decimal Digits. This specifies the number of digits used in displaying the results. The default is

two decimal points. However, for variables with values much smaller than one, you will want to

increase the number of digits that you display.

Grid Outline. This appears as a fine white line around the border of each grid cell. For some

grid types, this outline can make the map too complicated, and you may want to uncheck this

option. An alternative is to use the Reference Layer drop-down window (described in the

Taskbar Buttons section), which lets you add a blue outline for the nation, states, or counties.

Note that if you have specified point data, such as monitors, the Display Options window

includes the ability to set the size of the points on the map. The Start Size, End Size, and

Default Size have a default value of 75, 150, and 120, respectively, which you can then edit, if

desired. For example, if you want smaller values to be all the same size, you might set all of the

values to 100.



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