How do I determine what the Column and Row refer to?

The Column and Row are variables designed to uniquely identify each grid cell in the grid

definition. In the case of the County grid definition, the Column refers to the state FIPS code


BenMAP User's Manual 221 October 2012

and the row refers to the county FIPS code. One way to get a good sense of the Column and

Row variables is to create a map (discussed in the next chapter) and then view whether

particular Column and Row variables occur in the map.

In the report step, why is it that when I click the Done button the report is not saved?

You have to go to File menu and choose Save.

Mapping can be quite useful to check the quality of your work, and, of course, mapping provides

a useful platform for presenting your results. BenMAP features powerful, integrated mapping

capabilities which you can access at several points in the model. The main Mapping / GIS tool,

available via the Tools drop-down menu in the main window, allows you to map various types

of files and data associated with an analysis, including air quality grid files, monitor data,

population data, and valuation results.

In addition, at several points from within the program, you can view data being used in an

analysis. You can view maps when filtering monitor data, creating air quality grids, and when

creating configuration files (with the *.cfg extension). In particular, when creating a configuration

file, you have the option to map your baseline and control air quality grids, as well as to map the

difference between the two (the "delta"), which is used in health impact functions. The "delta" is

typically a key input to your calculations, and this is the only way to map it -- mapping of the

delta is not available from the Tools menu.




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