8.4.1 Export Audit Trail

Note that you can export Audit Trail as a text file . Each branch in the tree structure will be

converted to a tab in the exported file, allowing for easy viewing in Excel, WordPad, and a

variety of other programs. Simply click on the Export button, name the file, and click Save.

Note that by default BenMAP will export the file to the Reports folder. Carefully name the file

that you are generating so that you will recognize it in the future!

8.5 Questions Regarding Creating Reports

When creating reports from *.cfgr and *.apvr files, why do some of the variables that I

have checked appear as blanks?

When results are pooled together, some of the identifying information for individual health impact

functions gets lost. For example, when pooling together endpoints within the same endpoint

group, such as “HA, Pneumonia” and “HA, Chronic Lung Disease” (both within “Hospital

Admissions, Respiratory”), there is no longer a unique endpoint name for the pooled result. So,

BenMAP would leave the endpoint name blank.

How do I export my results?

Identify the type of report that you want to create, then refer to the sections in this chapter on

exporting reports.



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