8.3.1 Export Raw Incidence

To export the Raw Incidence Results report, first choose the Grouping Options, Display

Options, and Advanced Options that you want to see in your report. Then choose the variables

that you want to see in your report. Finally, choose the Save option from the File drop-down


This will bring up a window allowing you to name the file you want to save. Note that by default

BenMAP will export the file to the Reports folder. Carefully name the file that you are generating

so that you will recognize it in the future!

8.4 Audit Trail Reports - from all BenMAP files

The Audit Trail Reports provide a summary of the assumptions underlying the various parts of

the analysis. You may generate an audit trail with any of the file types used in BenMAP: Air

Quality Grids (with the “.aqg” extension), Incidence Configurations (with the “.cfg” extension),

Configuration Results (with the “.cfgr” extension), Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation

Configurations (with the “.apv” extension), and Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation Results (with

the “.apvr” extension). The report itself has a tree structure that lets you easily find the

information that you are seeking. Below is an example of an Audit Trail Report for a

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation Results file.

Note that each successive step in an analysis contains a summary of its assumptions, and those of

each previous step in the analysis. For example, in the below report the assumptions of the

Configuration Results file used to generate the APV Results are present in the Configuration

Results node. Similarly, the assumptions of both the baseline and control air quality grids are

present under the Configuration Results node.



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