8.2.10 Export Incidence, Valuation, & QALY Reports

To export an Incidence, Valuation, & QALY Results report, first choose the Grouping

Options, Display Options, and Advanced Options that you want to see in your report. Then

choose the variables that you want to see in your report. Finally, choose the Save option from

the File drop-down menu.

This will bring up a window allowing you to name the file you want to save. Note that by default

BenMAP will export the file to the Reports folder. Carefully name the file that you are generating

so that you will recognize it in the future!

8.3 Raw Incidence - from CFGR file

The Raw Incidence Results report gives you the opportunity to examine the results of each

health impact function at the grid-cell level, county, state, or national level. It is based on the

Configuration Results file (with the *.cfgr extension), and is otherwise identical to the Incidence

Results Report generated from the Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation results file (with the *.

apvr extension). BenMAP includes both versions to increase the reporting flexibility for users. (

See the section on Incidence Results reports for a description of the options available for this

report type.)



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