8.2.6 Pooled Valuation Results

The Pooled Valuation Results report presents valuation results aggregated and pooled to the

level you specified at the Advanced button when creating the APV configuration file. As with

the Pooled Incidence Results Report, fewer Pooled Valuation Method Fields are available,

because only enough fields are retained to uniquely identify individual results. As with the

Valuation Results Report, you can use the Add Sums button to create totals with various

valuation results.

8.2.7 QALY Results

The QALY Results report gives you the opportunity to examine the QALY results for the

pooled and aggregated incidence results. In the example below, the incidence results were

aggregated to the state level, so in the Column field, you can see the value changing from , so the

values in the Column field vary (e.g., 1=Alabama, 4=Arizona). You can use the Add Sums

button to create totals with various QALY results.



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