Note that the Add Sums button is only enabled for reports involving monetary valuations, not

those involving incidence estimates. Typically, incidence estimates should not be summed across

endpoint groups (for example, Mortality and Hospital Admissions, Respiratory). Within endpoint

groups, incidence estimates can be summed - you may do this in Aggregation, Pooling and


BenMAP User's Manual 210 October 2012

Valuation Configurations. Once results are in monetary values, however, summing across

endpoint groups can be useful in calculating aggregate benefits.

8.2.5 Aggregated Valuation Results

The Aggregated Valuation Results report presents valuation results aggregated to the level

you specified at the Advanced button when creating the APV configuration file. Note that the

aggregation level specified for the valuation does not need to be same as that for the incidence

aggregation. In the example below, the valuation results are aggregated to the three so-called

"report regions," so in the Row field, you can see the value changing from 1 (East), 2 (West

minus California), and 3 (California). (The underlying incidence data in this example were

aggregated to the state level.).

As with the Valuation Results Report, you can use the Add Sums button to create totals with

various valuation results.



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