8.2.4 Valuation Results

The Valuation Results report gives you the opportunity to examine the valuation results for the

pooled and aggregated incidence results. In the example below, the incidence results were

aggregated to the state level, so in the Column field, you can see the value changing from , so the

values in the Column field vary (e.g., 1=Alabama, 4=Arizona). Add Sums Button

To calculate the total value of different groups of effects, click on the Add Sums button in the

APV Configuration Results Report window. In the next window you can specify the effects

you want to sum and how you want to sum them. In the Include in Total field, simply check the

effects that you want to sum together, and then name the sum in the Valuation Sum Identifier

field. You also need to specify whether you are going to use the Dependent or Independent sum

approach. (See Chapter 7 for a discussion of these two summing approaches.) In the

Summation Type use the drop-down menu, choose the approach that you want to use. If you

choose the Independent sum, then you also need to specify the number of Monte Carlo draws

that you want BenMAP to use. The default is 5,000. You may repeat this procedure to

generate as many totals as you like.



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