In the Grouping Options section, you can change the sorting of the results, by clicking the radio

buttons Group by Gridcell, then by C-R function and Group by C-R function, then by


In the Display Options section, you may set the number of digits that appear after the decimal

point, and you can set the number of rows that appear in the preview window.

In the Advanced Options, you can set the level of aggregation at the grid cell (none), county,

state, and national levels. You can also choose to generate Population Weighted Deltas, which

BenMAP calculates at the national level for each health impact function by weighting the change

in the pollution metric at each grid cell with the population of the grid cell. For example, if there

are large changes in highly populated urban grid cells and relatively small changes in lightly

population rural grid cells, then the population-weighted change would reflect the large urban

changes and be relatively large.

As noted above, most of these fields have been seen previously; Table 8-2 provides a summary

of the fields that are new to this report format. (See the section on Health Impact Functions data

format in the Loading Data chapter for a description of the C-R Function Fields).



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