Raw Incidence Results use a Configuration Results file (with the “.cfgr” extension) to create

reports for incidence results. These reports are CSV files.

Audit Trail Reports provide a summary of the assumptions underlying each of five types of

files generated by BenMAP: Air Quality Grids (with the “.aqg” extension), Incidence

Configurations (with the “.cfg” extension), Configuration Results (with the “.cfgr”

extension), Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation Configurations (with the “.apv” extension),

and Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation Results (with the “.apvr” extension). These

reports can be viewed within BenMAP in an expandable tree structure, or can be exported to

tab-delimited text files.

The report module for one-step analysis is the same as custom analysis (see Section 8.2).

Alternatively, you can load in a data file and create reports at the One Step Analysis window.




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