How do I get to the QALY selection window?

By default, the Skip QALY Weights box is checked in the Select Valuation Methods,

Pooling, and Aggregation window. This is done to save time, as it takes BenMAP a few

moments to load the QALY datafiles. If you want to use QALY weights, then uncheck this

box, and then click Next.

The Select QALY Methods, Pooling and Aggregation window appears after you click

Next on the Select Valuation Methods, Pooling and Aggregation window.

How do I know what year dollars were used?

You can find the answer in the Audit trail for the APVR file that you generated.

Do the currency year and year of the population data have to match?

No. The currency year and the year of the population data do not need to match.

If you are interested in merely exporting results or merely viewing them, there are three types of

reports that you can access by clicking on the Create Reports button. You will be asked which

type of report you wish to create:

Incidence, Valuation, & QALY Results: Raw, Aggregated, and Pooled use an

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation Results file (with the “.apvr” extension) to create report for

incidence, aggregated incidence, pooled incidence, valuation, aggregated valuation, pooled

valuation, QALY, aggregated QALY, or pooled QALY results. These reports are comma

separated values (CSV) files (*.csv) which can be read into various spreadsheet and database

programs, such as Microsoft Excel.




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