If you have only a few changes to make to an existing configuration, it is typically much quicker to

open the previous configuration, rather than entering all of your choices again. Note that the

various parts of an APV Configuration are quite interdependent, so modifying part of the

configuration may cause other parts to be reset. For example, modifying the tree structure for

incidence pooling will cause the valuation method selection and valuation pooling tree structure to

be cleared and reset. Changing the Configuration Results Filename in the Incidence Pooling and

Aggregation window will not reset the incidence or valuation pooling trees as long as the new file

contains incidence results generated from the same health impact Functions as the old file. This

can be quite helpful for generating new APV Configuration Results from several different

Configuration Results files which were generated from different baseline / control scenarios, but

with the same set of health impact functions.



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