forecast in your analysis. Of course, you can only choose from the available data. If the income

growth adjustment data only goes to 2024 and the population data in your analysis are for 2030,

then there will be some, unavoidable mismatch.

7.3 Run APV Configuration

After having specified the various aggregation, pooling, and valuation/QALY options, you have

the opportunity to save your APV Configuration for future use. The file that you save has an

“apv” extension. The configuration that you have specified is similar in idea to the configuration

that you developed for choosing health impact functions. (That configuration has a “cfg”

extension.) Both files allow you to save choices that you have made, and re-run them at a later


You can save your APV configuration when you have finished making your valuation pooling

choices. Click the Run button, and then choose Save

You then need to name your configuration (*.apv) file. We suggest that you save this in the

Configurations folder. When ready to generate APV Configuration results, click the OK button.

BenMAP then requires that you specify a file in which to save the results, with an “.apvr”


7.4 Open & Modify Existing APV Configuration

If you have an existing configuration (*.apv) file, you can open, and then edit it.



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