simulation. On each iteration of the procedure, a particular result is chosen with a probability

equal to its weight. Once a result is chosen, one of its Latin Hypercube points is chosen at

random and put into a holding container. This is done some number of times (see Monte

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation

BenMAP User's Manual 193 October 2012

Carlo Iterations, below), and the holding container is then sorted low to high and binned down

to the appropriate number of Latin Hypercube points.

Default Monte Carlo Iterations

This drop down list is only enabled when Use exact weights for Monte Carlo is selected as the

Advanced Pooling Method. It specifies the number of iterations the Monte Carlo simulation

should be run (see above). Its initial value is set by the Default Monte Carlo Iterations value

from the APV Advanced Settings window (see Step 1, above).


n351 - n352 - n353 - n354 - n355 - n356 - n357 - n358 - n359 - n360 - n361 - n362 - n363 - n364 - n365 - n366 - n367 - n368 - n369 - n370 - n371 - n372 - n373 - n374 - n375 - n376 - n377 - n378 - n379 - n380 - n381 - n382 - n383 - n384 - n385 - n386 - n387 - n388 - n389 - n390 - n391 - n392 - n393 - n394 - n395 - n396 - n397 - n398 - n399 - n400



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