Step 3. Select pooling methods

The same pooling methods are available for QALY results which were available for incidence

and valuation results. (See Step 2 in the section on Pooling Incidence Results.) You should note

that when more than one QALY method is selected for a particular pooled incidence result, it is

possible to pool the generated QALY results.

7.2.4 APV Configuration Advanced Settings

At any point when specifying the incidence and valuation pooling options, you may click on the

Advanced button on the bottom-left of either the window for Incidence Pooling and

Aggregation, Select Valuation Methods, Pooling and Aggregation, or Select QALY

Methods, Pooling and Aggregation. This button will open the APV Configuration

Advanced Settings window.

The APV Configuration Advanced Settings window has three advanced option tabs for the


Aggregation and Pooling. This lets you choose the level of aggregation for the incidence,

valuation, and QALY results. You can also specify details on the pooling procedure, such as

whether to use a Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube approach.

Currency and Income. You can choose the currency year, how to adjust for inflation, and

how to adjust for income growth.


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