To select a QALY method, select it in the left side tree views and drag and drop it onto the

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation

BenMAP User's Manual 189 October 2012

appropriate incidence result in the pooling window. Note that BenMAP will only allow you to

drop QALY methods onto incidence results which have the same endpoint group value. For

example, BenMAP will not allow you to drop a Mortality QALY method on a Acute

Myocardial Infarction incidence result. Note also that you can only drag and drop individual

QALY methods, not entire groups of them.

If you have added any of your own QALY methods, as described in the QALY Data section of

the Loading Data chapter, you can drag and drop them in the same way as the EPA Standard


When BenMAP runs the APV Configuration, it will generate a QALY result for each QALY

method you select. You do not need to select QALY methods for every incidence result -

incidence results without any QALY methods will simply be ignored when QALY results are

generated, aggregated, and pooled.

Because QALY method databases have uncertainty associated with them, generating QALY

results is fairly complicated. The procedure used depends on whether the incidence results being

used were generated in Point Mode or with Latin Hypercube Points (see the chapter on

Incidence Estimation for details on Point Mode and Latin Hypercube Points).


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